Progressives Are Racists

To ascribe a particular attribute, especially something demeaning, to all people of a particular skin color is a textbook definition of racism.

  • All African Americans are…
  • All Asian Americans are…
  • All white Americans are…

But this is exactly what progressives do. They divide Americans into groups based on skin color and confer upon them broadbrush characterizations.

Progressives separate Americans into two racial groups: white Americans and Americans of color. According to progressives, white Americans are uniquely privileged, while Americans of color are disadvantaged and marginalized. They view white Americans as oppressors and white supremacists, while Americans of color are the oppressed.

Separating people into groups and treating everyone as the same, rather than as individuals, is a Marxist construct. Socialist revolutionary Karl Marx viewed the history of all societies as a struggle between binary groups: freeman vs. slaves, patricians (aristocrats) vs. plebeians (commoners), lords vs. serfs, guild masters vs. journeymen.

He famously divided the world into the bourgeoisie (property owners) and the proletarians (industrial workers). The bourgeoisie were branded as oppressors and the proletarians as the oppressed.

Vladimir Lenin, founder of the Russian Communist Party and leader of the Bolshevik Revolution, embraced Marx’s ideology, splitting Russians into the bourgeoisie democracy (capitalist class) and the proletariat democracy (working class). He unleashed the “Red Terror,” murdering tens of thousands of Russians condemned as bourgeoisie. Later, Lenin divided proletariat farmers into kulaks (richer farmers), who he vilified as class enemies, and poorer farmers or peasants. Lenin demonized the kulaks as “bloodsuckers, vampires, plunderers of the people,” and ordered their liquidation as a class.

Communist Chairman Mao Zedong also employed Marx’s binary construct. In the name of “land reform,” he divided the Chinese into landlords (“rich” farmers) and peasants. He then murdered an estimated 15 million landlords and distributed their land to poorer farmers.

By eliminating the bourgeoisie oppressors, Lenin and Mao believed they could create a new world order where no one was oppressed and everyone was equal – a utopian dream that never was achieved and led to the death of tens of millions of people. 

Today’s progressives are following the Marxist playbook, but with a twist. They take Marx’s construct one step further. They divide Americans not only economically (rich vs. poor) but also on their skin color (white Americans vs Americans of color).

Declaring people in a group to be all one thing or another, especially based on one’s skin color, is wrongheaded and pernicious. The world is not binary, good vs. evil, oppressors vs. oppressed, as Marxist progressives assert.

Americans are not their skin color as progressives claim. They’re individuals, with different ambitions, education, skills, opportunities, challenges, and hardships. They’re carpenters, bakers, engineers, plumbers, accounts, postal clerks, teachers, scientists, Army privates, journalists, athletes, lawyers and many others. They’re wealthy African American professionals and poor white farmers, women entrepreneurs and male nurses. Some Americans are climbing the economic ladder, while others are sliding downward. They’re aging, changing jobs, starting families, going bankrupt, learning new skills, entering different job markets, and retiring. It’s a vast dynamic process.

Civil rights leader Martin Luther King fought against the categorization of people based on the color of their skin. He said, “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but the content of their character.”

Progressives reject King’s dream. They reject America’s motto, E pluribus unum, which means “out of many, one.” Progressives do not see America as a unified whole, where people of different ethnic backgrounds, races and religion have come together as one, where skin color and one’s cultural background do not determine who they are, whether they are more or less valued by society.

So next time a progressive divides Americans based on their skin color, ignore their Marxist ideology rantings. Explain that it’s racist to attribute a single characteristic to all people of a particular a skin color, that they should judge people individually based on the content of their character.

Explain that Americans are not oppressors and the oppressed, they’re not exploiters and the exploited, political constructs championed by Marx, Lenin, and Mao. Explain that the progressive’s view of the world is the opposite of America, that it’s, racist, and unwelcome.