Progressives are not traditional Democrats (or even liberal Democrats) who cherish America’s core values of individual liberty and freedom. Progressives have a different calling altogether. Their watchwords are equality and social justice.1

While the US Constitution is the bedrock of America, the progressive ideology is rooted in Marxism and socialism.

The US Constitution guarantees equality under the law; progressives want equality of outcome, both economically and socially.

Progressives reject the idea that America is exceptional, a land of opportunity where people of different cultures and creeds come together as one.  Progressives, to the contrary, view America as racist, oppressive, and imperialistic. Progressives don’t want to make America better, they want to make a different America altogether.

Progressives believe it’s possible to create a society where people of different races, cultures, sexual preferences, religions, and gender are all made equal. A place where income is equally distributed, where all basic needs are provided, where all speech is politically correct, in a world without war. It’s a utopian quest based not on empirical data but on an imaginary new world. It’s an ideology that’s intolerant to alternative viewpoints and thus is non-democratic and tyrannical in its nature.

Until recent years, progressives were a fringe element of the Democratic Party. But no more. They now control the Party. Senator Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders and the other top “Democratic” presidential candidates are all progressives. Former President Obama is a progressive.2 Hillary Clinton and House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi are progressives, as well as others in the “Democratic” leadership.

The Congressional Progressive Caucus, founded in 1991, is the largest Democratic membership organization in the US Congress. Progressive Tom Perez is the chair of the Democratic National Committee and his former top deputy was Cong. Keith Ellison, previously  head of the Progressive Caucus.

Progressives advocate policies that are radically different than traditional Democrats and Republicans. Their ideology/agenda includes:

Identity Politics

Progressives do not view America as a melting pot, where people of different races and cultures have come together to forge a homogeneous society. Progressives, instead, divide Americans into groups based on their race, ethnicity, gender, income, sexual orientation, etc. White Americans are demonized as oppressors, and people of color are the oppressed. To make the world equal, progressives believe it’s necessary for oppressed groups to confront “social injustices” in America such that each group can become “equally privileged.” (MORE)


In the minds of progressives, no culture is preferable or superior to any other culture. They’re all equal in value. As a result, progressives object to assessing/judging cultures based on their history, scientific and artistic contributions, legal system, human rights, and other criteria. To assess/ judge other cultures is neocolonialism, imperialist, and racist. Since all cultures are equal, progressives believe they should be treated with equal respect even if the values of some cultures are abhorrent and violate basic human rights. (MORE)

Political Correctness

Progressives want all language and political policies to be non-offensive and are intolerant of anyone who uses what they deem to be “hateful speech.” Anyone who disagrees with their views is viciously condemned as a racist, misogynist, bigot, apologist, sexist, homophobe, Islamophobe, xenophobe, etc. (When people hurl such recriminations, it’s an indication they are progressives.) (MORE)

Income Equality

Progressives think it’s socially unjust for people to have widely unequal levels of income. They believe governmental authority should be used to take money from top-earning Americans and redistribute it to lower-earning Americans. Similarly, they want to redistribute the wealth from the world’s richest countries to poorer countries, making nations economically more equal. (MORE)

Living Constitution

Progressives disapprove of the US Constitution because it blocks their ability to implement a progressive agenda. They want to change the Constitution, but face huge obstacles if they follow Article Five of the Constitution, which requires amendments to be passed by two-thirds of Congress, and then ratified by three-fourths of the states. So progressives hope to alter the Constitution through judicial reinterpretation, rewriting laws by overly expanding or ignoring the intent/definition of current laws. (MORE)


Progressives do not believe a large military force is necessary to protect America. They reject the concept of “peace through strength,” and equate a strong military with aggression and imperialism. Having a strong military, they believe, leads to an interventionist foreign policy. Progressives support deep cuts in defense spending and using the savings to “grow a peace economy.” Instead of funding a strong military, they want to redirect the funds to education, sustainable energy projects, affordable housing, and other domestic concerns. (MORE)

Destroying the Republican Party

Were it not for the Republican Party and conservatives, progressives would have a free hand to implement their agenda and establish an America based on their socialist Marxist ideology.

Republicans support everything progressives oppose – limited government, strong defense, meritocracy, colorblind society, religious freedom, individual responsibility, and much more. Progressives consider these policies to be antithetical to the world they want to create.

Progressives brand Republicans deplorables and modern day Nazis, an enemy to be destroyed. Rather than debate issues, progressives demonize Republicans as sexist, greedy, selfish, racist, Islamophobes, global warming deniers, etc.

Progressives do not want to work with Republicans to solve problems to build a better America. Collaboration, in their view, only helps  to bolster the reputation of Republicans and strengthen the America they seek to change. For progressives, the political landscape is a zero-sum world. Any setback for Republicans is a victory for progressives.

Having declared war on Republicans, progressives daily launch political attacks, lashing out and intimidating anyone who gets in their way. Progressives operate like an angry mob that knows no bounds. They harass opponents at work sites and on websites. They get people fired from their jobs, boycott companies, disrupt public forums, disinvite speakers, make death threats, and much more – anything to shut down and destroy Republicans and conservatives.


Progressives are deeply passionate about remaking America and they are intolerant to alternatives. For progressives, there’s only one pathway forward, building an neo-Marxist egalitarian society. Anyone who stands in their way is evil and must be silenced.

Progressives believe they know what’s best for America and they are eager to dictate how our nation should be ruled, proscribing what is and is not allowable. This includes:

  • Making everyone equally privileged.
  • Banning “hate speech” and offensive language.
  • Redistributing income.
  • Downsizing the military.
  • Shutting down carbon-based industries.
  • Opening America’s borders and allowing unrestricted immigration.
  • Establishing a socialist economy, and much, much, more.

Progressives seek to implement their agenda by creating a powerful federal government. They willingly support coercive laws to force the public to bend to their ideology. As examples, progressives in Chicago, New York, and Washington, DC support legislation to punish Americans who fail to address individuals based on their preferred name or pronoun rather than their gender.

Implementing the progressive agenda entails changes to the US Constitution. Progressives support restrictions on the First Amendment to prevent “hate speech” and want to severely limit public access to guns in violation of the Second Amendment.

The progressive agenda is an ideology that’s at odds with America’s history of individual freedom and liberty. It poses a threat to our democracy, which is not an ideology but a government structure of checks and balances designed to safeguard freedom and liberty.

The progressive agenda allows no alternatives. It’s tyranny. Their one view, one ideology is not unlike the regimes in Cuba, China, North Korea, Iran, and the former Soviet Union – all one-party, authoritarian systems of government. As such, progressives pose a threat to the American way of life, to individual freedom and liberty.


1) Social justice means society’s resources are equitably distributed and “all members are physically and psychologically save and secure.” See Teaching for Diversity and Social Justice, edited by Maurianne Adams, Lee Anne Bell, and Pat Griffin, Routledge, 2007.
2) President Obama stated in February 2016, “I am a progressive Democrat. I am proud of that. I make no bones about it.” See “President Obama: ‘I Still Believe in a Politics of Hope,” Time Magazine, February 11, 2016.