Kellogg Foundation Transforming America to a Socialist Society

Socialist progressives have created a vast infrastructure to influence politics in America, everything from grassroots organizations and paid media outlets, to targeted voter mobilization programs, legal groups, and even professional protestors. 

Add now to this list a program developed and funded by the Kellogg Foundation dubbed Truth, Racial Healing & Transformation (TRHT).

As explained by Kellogg, TRHT is a “comprehensive, national and community-based process to plan for and bring about transformational and sustainable change.”  It’s designed to “confront the truth of how belief in a hierarchy of human value has shaped us as individuals, our communities and institutions, and through racial healing … transform legal, economic and social systems to create a society absent racial hierarchy.”

At first glance the Kellogg program may seem innocuous but on closer examination just the opposite is true. 

Translating the Kellogg-speak, “transformation and sustainable change” means permanently altering the governmental structure of America.  Having a “belief in hierarchy” is supporting America as we now know it, a society based on the U.S. Constitution, which guarantees equality under the law.  Creating a society “absent racial hierarchy” means establishing a progressive society where all people are equally privileged.

At the program’s core is identity politics, a progressive ideology in which Americans are separated into groups based on their skin color, gender, sexual orientation, income, etc. 

Kellogg believes a person’s skin color governs how they are treated in society and their potential for success. White Americas are considered a privileged group that unfairly dominates society, while Americans of color are disadvantaged, marginalized, and oppressed. 

Implementation Guide

Details of the TRHT program are presented in a euphemism-laden, 84-page Implementation Guide, produced by Kellogg.  It paints America as a country founded on “stolen property,” a society that’s systemically racist due to a “false hierarchy of human value that favors some racial groups over others.”

“Since the first European settlers arrived on our shores centuries ago,” Kellogg asserts, “American culture has placed the relative worth of whites above all others, and at times violently enforced this through annihilation, enslavement, colonization, and cultural genocide.”

Kellogg points a damning finger at the U.S. Constitution for perpetuating America’s system of racial hierarchy.  Kellogg describes capitalism as a “devastating belief” that’s to blame for the “impetus for [the] annihilation of indigenous people and enslavement of Africans, [and] exclusion of some immigrant groups and exploitation of people of color in the labor force.”

TRHT Program

Kellogg launched the TRHT program in 2016. In its first phase, five design teams were established to examine the “core societal institutions in which the belief in hierarchy of human value is embedded and evidenced” in America. The teams then formulated plans to “design and implement effective actions that will permanently uproot it.”

The first team, Narrative Change, focused on ways to produce and distribute “new narratives,” using “entertainment, the media, school curricula, museums, [and] monuments and parks,” to “help people understand how racial hierarchy has been embedded in our society.” Once people learn about the “false belief of hierarchy,” Kellogg asserts, they will be able to “recognize the harm that the belief does and the necessity for healing.” 

The design team recommended the establishment of programs in “journalism schools and technology, theatre, film, and television” to teach students how to redesign and reshape the narrative of America.  Put differently, Kellogg advocates politicizing media and technology education to turn students into propagandists to promote the progressive agenda.

The second design team examined ways to “restore communities to wholeness,” to “repair damage caused by racism” and “set things right.”

Its efforts culminated in a program called Racial Healing and Relationship Building, which has been in operation the past five years.  Groups of up to 30 people are assembled “in a safe place,” where they are encouraged to discuss their “experiences with racism and different manifestations of being ‘othered’ or marginalized.” The participants then address the present-day consequences of racism. To oversee the group discussions, Kellogg has assembled a network of “skilled racial healing practitioners.”

The practitioners can be viewed as political missionaries.  But instead of promoting the gospel, they preach identity politics and offer the participants a different road to salvation – socialism, which they define as a “belief in equal humanity for all Americans.”

After completing the Racial Healing program, the participants are encouraged to volunteer and contribute to organizations that are working to redesign the primary infrastructure in America “through which the belief in racial hierarchy has been perpetuated and sustained.”

The other three THRT design teams set up by Kellogg are Separation, the Law, and the Economy. 

The Separation Design Team addressed “segregation, colonization and concentrated poverty in neighborhoods,” with the goal dismantling and transforming “the mix of laws, politics, structures, habits and biases that created and sustain the physical, social, and psychological separation of people by racial categories and the subjugation of particular cultures, values and languages.”

The Legal Design Team investigated “inequalities in our legal system that have been created by the belief in a hierarchy of human value.” Among its recommendations to redress societal inequalities is the adoption of a “new People’s Constitution” to replace the U.S. Constitution.

The Economic Design Team analyzed “structured inequalities and barriers to economic opportunities” in society and proposed actions to create an “economic democracy, where “every person, family and community of all racial, ethnic and cultural backgrounds” will be able to “individually and collectively participate and thrive in the U.S. economy.”  

Collectively, the work product of the five design teams is nothing less than a master plan by Kellogg to politically destroy the government of the United States and replace it with a radical socialist progressive society.

Fighting Back

To date, Kellogg has awarded $24 million to 14 organizations in ten states to implement the TRHT program. More than 160 “volunteer partners, individuals, and organizations” have pledged their support for the program, among which are Race Forward, NAACP, Sojourners, and the Southern Poverty Law Center. The Association of American Colleges & Universities has already established 30 TRHT Centers across the U.S. 

The TRHT program is just one of many progressive initiatives Kellogg is heavily funding to promote “racial equality.” Annually, it distributes about $375 million in grants, a substantial portion of which is directed to progressive groups.

Many readers may be surprised by Kellogg’s political activism. The foundation experienced a sea change in 2007, when progressives, who had infiltrated the organization, rewrote the foundation’s mission statement and began to steer funds to hard left political organizations. 

Kellogg’s socialist ambitions are not illegal, but that doesn’t mean Americans must stand idly by and do nothing. The foundation derives substantial funds from the Kellogg Company, a Fortune 500, multinational food manufacturing corporation that produces cereal and convenience foods.

Americans who value freedom and liberty, and who oppose transforming America to a socialist progressive society, can express their disapproval with their pocketbook and refuse to purchase any Kellogg product until the foundation stops its political activism.